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training programmes

 We run courses for individuals, organisations and CPD

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Organisational Learning and Development

We have a network of carefully selected trainers who can offer a range of learning solutions, bespoke workshops, and seminars, based on the specific needs of the organisation, large or small, from one hour to full days.

All our courses are designed to help the organisation learn more about wellbeing and are designed by therapists.  Workshops can be for groups or individuals looking to help themselves or to support their team

Reflective Supervision

We also offer reflective supervision for individuals within organisations dealing with a challenging time and they need to remain resilient. The focus is upon improving and extending good practice and taking care of themselves so that they are enabled to continue more effectively in their work

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Management Development

Working in partnership with Business Learning Solutions we can offer a range of management courses that address areas of business improvement and are approved by the institute of Leadership and Management

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School Package

We offer a unique Wellbeing package for primary, secondary schools and colleges. Targeted at supporting staff, students, and parents alike in a flexible manner, remotely or on site, with the focus on developing resilience, communication, confidence, and collaboration

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Continuous Professional Development

We believe passionately in the importance of ongoing professional development for Therapists, Student Therapists and other allied professionals.

Workshops are provided in collaboration with practitioners and their feedback to develop a programme of new and relevant topics plus repeat popular workshops.

Our CPD courses are provided at a at a reasonable fee to assist with maintaining and developing skills to ensure that they retain their capacity to practise safely, effectively, and legally, within their scope of practice.


We have several accredited mediators who are trained in dealing with dispute resolution. The aim of mediation is to improve communication, reduce conflict and to agree on practical, workable arrangements for the future.

We can help to mediate conflicts and disagreements in workplaces, personal and social contexts.

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For more details on all our Learning, Development and support packages please select one of the options below:

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