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counselling services


An allocated fully trained highly experienced therapist will listen to your innermost thoughts in a confidential setting with the aim of helping you to make positive changes in your life


As a couple your therapist will help to identify strengths and weaknesses, part of a process that along with a concentration on communication skills will help to identify conflicts and thereby improve relationships



Our family counselling skills are highly regarded as is the success criteria which is designed to improve communication, solve actual and perceived problems, all of which are designed to create a harmonious home life


Young People

That there is a great deal of pressure on young people these days is not in question as evidenced by issues at home, school, social media and elsewhere all of which can have a significant influence on their wellbeing. Our therapists support a number of educational establishments with proven success



Group therapy can be extremely useful in sharing a range of issues which are hardly unique and once shared, are in fact remarkably common, leading to the process being strangely reassuring


What is involved?

Whether as an individual, couple, family or business operator the first, easy step is to have a chat with us so that we can agree the best way to help you. In the next easy step, you will be offered an appointment at your convenience which we can deliver either in person, by phone or via a media platform such as Zoom.  Give us a call and test the new, easy way to receive a prompt, efficient and friendly response


Inspire, at your service!

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