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30 years’ experience and many thousands of highly satisfied clients has taught us a great deal. But we’re far from complacent. On close examination counselling can be daunting to arrange and to go through so we’ve taken a good hard look and devised a far more client-friendly approach. Everyone has different experiences that have influenced their lives. We offer prompt, friendly support to individuals, couples and families. We guarantee that your time and experience will not be wasted. Your experience of Inspire starts here with a website that has been designed with simplicity in mind


Thank you for giving me my life back 


About Dover Counselling Centre

The Dover Counselling Centre (DCC) was formed following the Herald of Free Enterprise ferry disaster in March 1987. The organisation was responsible for meeting the continuing needs of the bereaved and survivors as well as retaining the facility to expand the range of counselling services offered in the community


DCC is a charity, company limited by guarantee and an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) adhering to its ethical framework


DCC offers a safe environment to which people suffering from anxiety, stress and day-to-day worries can refer themselves, enabling their difficulties to be addressed in a positive way in order to improve their quality of life

If you are looking for the free NHS Talking Therapies, as provided by our DCC IAPT service , please click below to be re-directed

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