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Our website content has so far revolved around individuals, couples and families but Inspire also provides a enthusiastic contribution to the business sector, a part of B2B that has no constraints. Our Employee Wellbeing Service can be arranged on a sessional basis or a short, medium or long term contract that will permit employees to contact Inspire directly and in complete anonymity. Our therapists have contributed significant improvements to the wellbeing of staff with attendant benefit in productivity and a reduction in downtime. You will find the Inspire team responsive, friendly, highly capable and our prices competitive. We are keen to tell you more


I felt very pessimistic and I'm totally overwhelmed as this has done so much for me and my family. I feel so positive and in control now


Employee Wellbeing Service

Work related stress, depression, bullying and anxiety represent a serious challenge for the individual as well as a financial burden for the employer. Many employers consider employee access to the range of services that Inspire provides as a duty of care that attracts significant benefits. Inspire provides assistance to organisations that concentrate on general wellbeing and resilience that are designed to improve life quality

Employee Counselling

Inspire offers counselling for a broad range of issues including bereavement, stress, anxiety disorders, depression or any other issues that are affecting an employee’s quality of life and work performance. We have an extensive network of accredited counsellors and specialist practitioners. Giving employees access to a free, confidential, workplace counselling service can help reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, improve mental health and lower levels of sickness absence


Incident and Trauma Support

We have a track record of successfully supporting individuals from a range of public, private and voluntary organisations after an incident or trauma. Debriefs can be delivered after any incident which could range in seriousness from verbal abuse or threatening behaviour through to the death of a colleague or terrorism. Debriefs enable employees to work through, and come to terms with the experience in a safe, controlled environment

Training & Development

Inspire has a number of carefully selected, highly talented trainers offering a range of learning solutions, bespoke workshops and seminars designed by our therapists and tailored to the wellbeing needs of your organisation. Workshops vary from one hour to full days and can be suited to groups or individuals looking for help themselves or to support their team

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